I Don’t Like the Cold but I Really Like Skiing at Vaujany

I never thought I would like skiing. I never liked the cold. However, skiing is a pretty active sport. Sure, you can be casual about it, but I really have never been the casual type. The sunshine hitting the slopes reflects off that snow to keep you quite warm when you are skiing. Plus, ski clothing is so advanced now that even I can enjoy a day on a snow covered mountain. Of course, Vaujany is my favorite destination. I like their chalets. It is like having a mountain home all to yourself. I like the place in the summertime for the cycling opportunities they offer as well. It is a year-round go-to place for me on holiday. I have entered some of the races that are held there each year.

The chalets are beautiful. You can get them in sizes to sleep up to 11 people. Families and friends can have plenty of room to share in an accommodation at Vaujany. My wife is more of a beach person, but we split our holiday time with some of it spent together up here and some of it spent on a tropical beach. She says she does not understand how I can like choosing to go skiing in the winter when the tropics are warm and inviting. I really do not have an answer for her either. Like I said, I am not a fan of the cold. However, once you get bit by the skiing bug, you just have to go back.

We both really like the chalet we reserve every year. I guess there is a longing to own our own mountain cabin to experience all the seasons. We like the quiet after a heavy snowfall. The flakes coat every surface in a thick blanket of insulation that seems to absorb sound. It is such an incredible experience to be outside when the snow is falling heavily. The quiet is amazing. Sure, I like the tropics a whole lot, but I do enjoy my ski holidays as well.