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An awesome Travel Trip to JAPAN


As I felt, I had explored the West pretty well, it was time to explore the East especially the most famous Asian countries such as Japan and China which are highly known for their rich culture and tradition.

I chose to visit Japan, such a lovely country, they welcome the tourists to their country with warmth and affection and they show so much of respect to their fellow people and to foreigners and it was An awesome Travel Trip to JAPAN.


Popular Places to visit and Hotels to stay in JAPAN

Most popular places to visit in JAPAN are located in its heart, yes in Tokyo, the Capital city of JAPAN.
And some of the most popular places to visit in Tokyo are Shinjuku in Tokyo, Ginza Neighborhood, Shibuya and Harajuku, Akakusa. And important tourist destinations beyond Tokyo are the Osaka and Kyoto.

Borrowing your night in Moderate size of the room. In spite of the case of the hotel, there is no product on the front. Good, This time, I was allowed to use in your stay.

Despite more than $ 30 000 room rate also cheap, this time the end of the year available very inexpensively at your site, I have been grateful. I think It should be noted that if the system was good local settlement. Calm color scheme of the room.

Shower (shower head) – However, I was thankful shower The shower stall must be fixed.

View from the room – I was very comfortable well Scenery, I stay very pleasant scenery well and is far from JR Osaka Station.

Its a little noisy at night because it is in the downtown area. In front of convenience store near Umeda station, very good location. View from the hotel is the best good morning and night. It was comfortable but it was time well short bus facilities are widely Binami room this time was to check out early in the morning. I want to use this hotel again next time.